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SolarisDG offers Mobile Application design & development to suit your business needs. We custom design your App to serve you & your customers better on both iOS and Android.

What Makes SolarisDG Unique

Our team design and develop applications of any category that are versatile, secure, user friendly, powerful and scalable. The digital team at Solaris makes sure to use the latest technologies when building your App to keep up with the market trend.

Cross Platform

Businesses prefer a single workflow given the exponential growth in cross-platform development of iOS and Android.

Smart Notification

The proper design and implementation of push notifications are vital to keeping the users of the app active and engaged.


Solaris’ digital team have a wide experience in UI to guarantee an enjoyable experience for users.

Multi-language support

Our language specialized and certified team can deliver your App in multiple languages to serve users from different parts of the world.

Up to date technologies

We use both, native and cross-plaofrm solutions to create blazing fast mobile apps. For example, Flutter as a cross-plaofrm solution it combines the quality of native apps with the flexibility of cross-platform development. Flutter renders the same look as a native app, it draws the UI from scratch, not acts as a wrapper on top of native UI components like other frameworks do.

Technologies We Use:

Flutter React N Kotlin Swift

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